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RANK FROM 1 TO 59                                RANK  FROM 60 TO 99

RANK FROM 100 TO 150                           RANK FROM 151 TO 200

 RANK FROM 201 TO 250                         RANK FROM 251 TO 300

RANK FROM 301 TO 350                          RANK FROM 351 TO 400

RANK FROM 401 TO 450                          RANK FROM 451 TO 500

RANK FROM 501 TO 550                           RANK FROM 551 TO 600

RANK FROM 601 TO 650                            RANK FROM 651 TO 700

RANK FROM 701 TO 750                            RANK FROM 751 TO 800

RANK FROM 801 TO 850                           RANK FROM 851 TO 900

RANK FROM 901 TO 950                           RANK FROM 951 TO 999

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